Fashion & Beauty Manufacturing 101

I met with Vincent Djen, founder of the Fashion Knowledge Network and Fashion Manufacturing Consultant. We spent 45 minutes going over the steps involved in starting and manufacturing a successful fashion or beauty brand. Watch the video interview to learn more! Continue reading

5 Beginner Tips to Making Your Small Business a Greener One


Everywhere you look, it seems more and more people are preaching about going green. Some are so enthusiastic about this movement and jump right on board while there are others who overlook it as a mere trend that will fade. Continue reading

How To Write A Profitable Business Plan



Your business plan is the map that guides you through the difficult process of navigating those early days as a small business owner. Continue reading

Before You Leave Your 9-5–Do These 5 Things

leave 9-5


Leaving your 9-5 job is not just a dream: it’s a necessary step for a successful business. After all, you can’t build an empire while slaving away in someone else’s.

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