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Apply To Get A $1,500 Small Business Grant


$1,500 may not seem like a lot to some but to a small business owner it can make a real difference. Continue reading

How To Choose The Right Business Funding Solution

How To Choose The Right Business Funding Solution
I recently contributed an article to It’s The Now titled : How To Decide Which Funding Source Is Right For Your Business. You can head over to their site to read the full article. Below is the introduction.

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FREE Course Fast & Simple Ways To Fund Your Salon

Kudos to hairstylists and makeup artists that decide to go out on their own and create their own brands. Running a business is the most expensive endeavor a person can sign up for. Even more expensive than having a kid! 3 times more to be exact. Continue reading

Win 5K With CPAY


Launching a business is hard and growing a successful one is even more difficult. That’s why this giveaway for trendfund credit card processing clients is so awesome! Continue reading

3 Tips for Building Business Credit



Having good credit on your personal accounts is important, but it is also good for a business if you are a business owner. Continue reading

Why Startups Don’t Need VC Money & What to Do Instead



You’ve heard the story a thousand times.

Boy Wonder and geek buddies discover a technological breakthrough while hanging out in basement playing video games and hacking into the Pentagon. Continue reading

How To Repay Your Business Loans Fast



The urge to own your own business and to be your own boss is as ingrained in the American psyche as the need to make your own way in the world, on your own terms. But you’re left with worrying about how to repay business loans fast and without financial strain. Small, independent businesses are unsung heroes of the national economy, and they are the fuel which powers American Dream. Continue reading

17 Ways To Fund Your New Business or Startup


fund new business startup

There are a number of different funding options available today for startups and new businesses. Most of these loans are not offered in conventional banks and aren’t very easy to find.  Continue reading

5 Things You Should Know Before Funding Your New Business



When you are trying to get funding for your business through loans or investors, there are quite a few variables to think about. Today we’ll cover a few of the major ones and tips on how to handle them and what you need to know about new business funding.

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5 Steps to Building Business Credit and Getting Money Fast


It’s estimated that roughly half of all small businesses will fail within their first four years, according to StatisticsBrain. There are dozens of reasons why small businesses fail, among the most common, however, is inadequate capital. Without capital, it’s next-to-impossible to run a successful business.

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